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Hi there! Prince of Asgard Cosplay here! Norse Myth enthusiast and obsessed Norse god cosplayer. I plan to cosplay all the Lokis one day.
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The Looney Tunes Show Finale - SuperRabbit

This episode finally “officially” airs tomorrow, August 31, at 6:30 PM (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network :D It’s the last episode for TLTS, but LT will return next year for the Wabbit series.

Episode airs tonight at 6:30!

It was a really great episode! That should have aired last year.


the one who burns

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Doctor Doom and Amora by Esad Ribic

That’s, thats a hot couple right there!

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I was watching The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the 90’s, and in one of the episodes She-Hulk chases on foot after a stolen sports car. My brain suggested this. I liked the suggestion.

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I Floop the Pig!!!
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The Retaliators (avengers) of DC Earth 8.
DC’s marvel parody earth. So this is like DC’s. Answer to marvel’s Squadron Supreme? Lol. That Christian crusader captain america though, lol.

Just got through reading the first issue of DC’s multiversity. And so the set up basically is that all the other earths are comics books in other earths, example, the flash (red racer) of earth 36 is a geek of DC comics and reads the superman comics of superman earth 23. And then he gets to meet superman of earth 23. Lolol, the best part is when red racer (flash) of earth 36 goes to earth 8 and it’s the characters of major comics (the marvel comics of earth 36) and he starts Geeking out.

Pretty sure the red racer and power torch (flash and green lantern) of earth 36 are a couple. Clearly lord havoc and Mr. future are the dr doom and mr fantastic of dc earth 8


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Probabbly have, just that we would never know.

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Whos the original artist that did this image? what issue is it from or source, i neeeeed to know asap

maybe I’m too late, but I came across this just now in Origins of Siege #1, and the art credit says Giuseppe Camuncoli and Matt Hollingsworth. I hope this helps!

You are fantastic! Thank you so much!