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baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

i want one

It looks like a teeny weeny little black bear.

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I’m more connected to the world than you’ve ever been. The roots and vines, they run all over the world. I can see Su and Lin, Zaofu and Republic City. I see everything.


some quick full-body refs for the Pirate!Free! postcards I did Q uQ;; I hope this helps the cosplayers who wanted to give it a go, ty for all the notes on my postcards, you guys are awesome! :”D <3 I’msobadatfullbodyrefs  Free boys will be the death of me QxQ;;

I’m not into sports animes much and, Iv’e never watched an episode of Free, nor am I in the fandom at all (but I sure damn see it a lot on tumblr, lol). But these outfits though are really really gorgeous! (ogling the beautiful hues of blue you chose to design with!) and I want to wear them. My favorite are the blue and green ones (I really really like the blue one). I would were these to Ren Fair for sure. really want the blue one. lol.

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Magneto: Earth Bender, Metal Bender Sub

Cyclops: Fire Bender, Cumbustion Sub

Professor X: Water Bender, Blood Bender Sub (Does not need the Full Moon)

Storm: Airbender, Flying Sub (imagine her with Air Master tattoos, heck yes! Also, she is a very powerful airbender that can use the wind to carry storms to and from long distances and sustain them. Highly taped into the Spiritual than any of the others, Rumor has said that she was once seen Lightning Bending from the Storms she carries, but how could this be?)

Iceman: Water Bender, specialize in ice techniques

Colossus: Earthbender, Metal bender (Sometimes deemed the Full metel Bender, because he was born with out arm or legs, and has learned to use metal bending to create artificial limbs to fight and get around, and also known for a special technique of being able to keep steel in a malleable but impenetrable state as a second skin around the rest of his body.

Shadow Cat: Airbender, Astral Projection Sub

Toad: Swamp Bender, said to have been a changeling child switched at birth by the spirits, explaining his toad like appearance and abilities, others say that he was possessed by a toad spirit creature from wandering to far into the forbidden regions of the swamp.

Quick Silver: Airbender, Known for his special technique of being able to use the wind to carry himself while running at super human speeds with miniture and controlled cyclones around his body.

Scarlet Witch: Water Bender, Blood Bender (very powerful, also extremely Spiritual and can tape into strange and never before seen spiritual powers).

Gambit: Fire bender, Combustion Sub (Able to to use his combustion technique to exclusively charge items he touches with combustion energies and make them explode)

Night Crawler: Half Spirit Creature, can use his spirit powers to vanish into the spirit world and reappear in the human world anywhere else, distances limited because of being half human.

Pyro: Firebender, an artisan of fire, mastered the ability to create forms within the flames.

Rogue: Waterbender, Blood Bender (Special: can force other benders to use their powers while she puppets them).

Mystique: Water Bender, Blood bender (Speciel: can use water and bloodbending to change her body into other human forms, there are limitations.)

Jean Grey: Firebender born of the Avatar cycle (of the Pheonix Force)

Pheonix Force: Raava and Vatu

The Great Swamp: Cerebro (Professor X is super Spiritual and can connect with the tree to find other benders) The school is built in Republic city around one of the last remaining spirit roots connected to the great tree.

The year is 274 AG (100 years from book 4), in a time when Bending has become entirely extinct in the the world’s modern cultures. It was all but lost until a spirit gate was once again opened (a lot can happen in 100 years) and suddenly the new generation of benders began to arise, in a world that was no longer built for people with such devastating powers! Some of the Benders themselves have been said to be possessed by Spirits making them appear less than human, almost like a mutation of some kind, and giving them other abilities as well as their bending powers.

It became a world of Benders vs. Non benders. Can they learn to coexists as they did in the past? will the Brotherhood of the wipe out all non benders, or will the B-Men and the Avatar save the world?

But there are other greater threats like the ancient bender Apocalypse and his new revised Red Lotus Horse Men!

Going through all my unused fabric….I have sooooooo much un used dark green fabric, some of it was for a loki I never got around to, others were leftovers of past renfair stuff….ugggg, I just really want to be a Metal Bender!!!!!!


Heinrich Vogl portrayed the original Loge (loki) in the German opera Das Rheingold, as the first part of the Opera Der Ring des Nibelungen in 1869/76 by Richard Wagner.

Sources: http://opera.stanford.edu/Wagner/Rheingold/history.html



What the hell DC!?

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i fucking love renaissance art like i saw this piece today that depicted the virgin’s immaculate conception as a tiny jesus flying in through a window on a collision course with mary’s hoo ha like





OH! My Lord I did not notice you fly in!

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